Music at Mass

Choir Rehearsals are Thursdays at Holy Family, 7pm. 

Adult mixed choir does not rehearse on the 2nd Thursday of each month due to Knights of Columbus and Catholic Daughters meetings. 

People middle school through age 18 (Young Singers) are invited to attend (with parent permission) rehearsals on the 2nd Thursday of each month. 

Everyone is always welcome to join :) 

Chant Mass - Kyrie #857 (no Gloria)

Sanctus #859, English Acclamation of Faith and Our Father, Agnus Dei #863

Responsorial Psalm and Gospel Acclamation - Respond and Acclaim books

Communion Antiphons and verses from Fr. Weber's Propers - Ignatius Press books with modern notation and  harmony 

5th Lent - March 26 - 3rd scrutiny

#130 From the Depths We Cry to Thee (cp254)

#659 One Lord (sheet music)

#484 What Wondrous Love (cp478)

#329 I am the Bread of Life (cp520)

#416 Jesus Remember Me (cp275)

Palm Sunday

Begin in Gathering Space - Hosanna to the Son of David

Entrance: #141 All Glory Laud and Honor (cp268)

(no Kyrie)

#151 O Sacred Head Surrounded (cp274)

Antiphon: Father, if this chalice cannot pass…

Hymns: #366 Ave Verum (sheet music), #150 Were you There (cp276)

Recessional Hymn: #141, All Glory Laud and Honor v 4&5 (cp268)

Holy Thursday

Entrance: #717 Lift High the Cross (cp314) 


Gloria - Heritage  #890 (cp132) - all the bells of the church ring, then no organ or bells until Easter vigil. 

Respond and Acclaim

Offertory: #492 Where Charity and Love Prevail (cp273)


Save Us, Savior

Lord’s Prayer and Doxology

Agnus Dei


Hymns: #150 Were You There (cp276), #334 O Sacrament Most Holy (cp541)

After Communion, go downstairs and wait by the door to the gathering space.Father will pray a prayer after Communion.

Transfer of the Holy Eucharist: #25 page 100 - Pange Lingua/ Sing my tongue - in English, v. 1-4 until we get downstairs and stop. (lyric sheet)

Song at the Altar of Repose: Tantum Ergo in Latin - #24 v. 5&6 (Lyric Sheet) 

Good Friday - no organ

Silent entrance

Respond and acclaim

Adoration - p. 109, #28 - Come let us adore

Veneration - Choir venerates first and then sings: #125 At the Cross Her Station Keeping, 

 p.110 #29 Behold the Wood (cp280), #147 Behold the Cross 

Lord’s Prayer and Doxology

Communion - Psalm 22 from Palm Sunday (R&A), #150 Were You There cp276

Leave in silence

What is Sacred Music?  There is an explanation on our Sioux Falls Diocese Office of Worship page.